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Artist Statement


Art is really an energy question, and working with this question is at the heart of my practice as an artist.

This continually unfolding process has been informed by many years of working within visual art and improvised music. Studies in deep listening and experiments into the dynamics and functions of conscious action continue to remain central to my life as an artist.

The study of  G.I. Gurdjieff, The Mystery Schools, Zen Buddhism and Tao have led me to understand my Art making as various adjustments without discounting the miraculous. A gathering of oneself is entirely possible with a greater integration of the parts we are playing, into variegated union and potential expansion into an unfolding totality. For me the authentic (timeless) work, speaks many languages and exists as a door to the unknown, highlighting the crack between the worlds. 

I am currently working in visual art with several large-scale paper works using collage and paint techniques. These works have been inspired by travel sketches made in Morocco, California, Southern France, Spain and Slovenia during seven month travels between 2012-2013. These works are also part born from the re-birth/recycling of older art works from the last fifteen years.
These esoteric scraps are cut up and reconfigured creating a personal language which is both playful and intense. Letting go of the old is the only way to create new. As John Cage mischievously proclaimed ‘out of the work comes the work’. I am also recording and performing as invisible bees with my wife Elin Erisken, and recording and performing in several other sonic constellations.


tel +47 97 48 58 86